Sunday, September 16, 2007

Save Money! Save the Earth! Sleep Naked!

Startled ya, didn't I?

Seriously, my sons sleep wearing very little. They chose it - the oldest one did it first, then the youngest decided that he wanted to be like his big brother. So one sleeps in a pullup, the other in underwear.

But here's how it saves money and the earth:
  • Fewer pajamas to buy as they grow
  • Fewer clothes to wash and dry (ahh, who doesn't like less laundry?)
  • Higher temperature upstairs while the sleep (in the summer, that's a very good thing in Texas!)

So there it is. Sleep naked and save the earth. Tell your friends!


green.barn said...

But what about the middle one?

Karen (Pediascribe) said...

Off to tell dh..... ;)

Darn, except for the fact that the kids may come into the bedroon in the middle of the night. :(

#2 said...

Well, I didn't really want to admit it, green barn, but the middle one has taken to the layered look. She likes to have a nightgown over a pair of pajama pants. She says it's cool. So, thanks for bringing up the fact that she's undoing all the good the boys are doing. She must be cold up there in the 80 degrees.

And, yeah, Karen, I think my husband might muster up the strength to save the earth on this one, except for all these pesky kids. ;)

Clever Dude said...

To reduce the fights over the thermostat, which my wife always wins, I sleep in low amounts of clothing, with no covers, while she sleeps with a sheet, 2 comforters and 2 afghan quilts. I don't know how she moves under all that!

#2 said...

Clever Dude, you are very smart to let your wife win. It makes for a much longer, happier marriage. My husband will tell you that one! I bet my dad would, too!

Thanks for stopping by!