Monday, September 3, 2007

The number

All of us "budgeters" have a number in our heads, don't we? A number that it the amount of money that you need to survive every month. The number is the one that we multiply times months to get our number that we want in our savings account. The drop dead, "just in case something happens" number.

You non-budgeters have no idea what I'm talking about, my own husband included. Y'all don't have to read the rest. Except my husband, so he knows exactly what brand of crazy his wife is.

Well, this month I've decided to take a test of that number. I'm going to see whether or not we can actually live on the number that I've picked and whether it's realistic. I didn't stockpile groceries or toilet paper, I didn't go on a giant shopping spree beforehand to ensure that we can make it with flying colors. I decided on a whim, so the pantry is what it is, and the dog really does need to go to the vet. But I'm going to see if we can survive and thrive.

My kids have no idea what's about to hit them, and Sarge is on board (until meals get gross, then he's not on board anymore). I'm excited and I'm ready to get creative.

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paidtwice said...

Good luck!!!

I hope it works. I still haven't hit my number. I fear I never will either. lol