Friday, September 28, 2007

Notes from the trenches

The littlest one, in the car on the way to school:

"Mommy, does your head grow bigger when you grow bigger?"

After that discussion, where the growth of other, more indelicate body parts was discussed, a pause and then a comment.

"[the middle one] has a bad honk. She goes 'beep beep' and I go 'HONK HONK.' Hers is wrong, mine is right."

Tonight, the little one was helping me to remember the things that I need at the store tomorrow, "bread, milk, ice cream, a new wig for mommy, and Pull-ups!" I'm sorry, what? I thought there were only four things on our list!

And then this morning, the little one was saying something that made no sense at all, and Sarge asked the middle one to translate. "Oh, I'm not listening to him."

And the fun never ends.

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