Saturday, September 15, 2007

living on less: update II

There's not much to say about living on less, it's kind of boring. We don't go out much, we don't go shopping, we don't bring fun new things home.

I've found my "wanter" turned on more than usual. That is my mother's saying for when you just want stuff for no good reason, just for the sake of wanting something. I can't count the number of times I heard that as a kid! Anyhow, I guess it's a withdrawal or something, but I found myself wanting the most ridiculous things this week! But I resisted, except for the pieces of great fabric to make the baby two new pair of pants for only $6, and fabric is never ridiculous, bite your tongue!

So far this month, we've had four days where no money has either come in or gone out. It's kind of nice, and I intend to at least double that. I like having days where we're just living, not consuming.

Aside from the illnesses, we've been having fun - we've spent afternoons with friends, we've spent a LOT of time playing outside on the swingset. The middle one has finally learned how to pump, so she spends a lot of time out there - you'll even find her out there after breakfast, in the mornings, before we have to run out the door. The smile on her face is worth all the money in the world.

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paidtwice said...

It sounds fabulous! Yay you!