Sunday, September 30, 2007

Living on less, the last day, finally!

Okay, I'm not going anywhere today, and I'm done spending money for the month. All is all, we did well, though there were a couple of things that we chose not to wait for.

Trees. In Texas, September is the ideal month to plant trees. Last year, we were under severe watering restrictions and unsure how long they would last, so I was hesitant to plant trees just to have them die. Fortunately we had a great rainy spring, watering restrictions were lifted, and the trees were calling my name. AND, they had the trees that I wanted, which is unusual, for a great price at Lowe's. Which is a little like buying a puppy from a puppy mill. You want to rescue them so badly, but you know it's not going to make them stop breeding new ones. But we purchased four trees, small ones, that needed a little TLC. And they bring me so much happiness, though not much shade. Yet.

Treadmill. I've been eyeing them forever on ebay and Craigslist, and finally the perfect one appeared. It was a great price and really close to home, so I jumped on it. I'm sure it surprises no one that there are a million "barely used" treadmills out there. We all buy one in the hopes that we'll use it everyday for the rest of our lives, but use it a week and then it collects clothes. But it's never for a great price. Or close to home. But all the stars aligned for me last week. And I love it and my sore muscles.

So there it is. There were a million things that I *had* to have for a day or so but waited on and realized that I didn't need. Or things that I *had* to have at the grocery store but resisted (dr pepper, I love you and I miss you!) We actually did quite well in relation to our "number" with the exception of our things that weren't impulsive at all. Now I just need to resist the urge to shop 'til I drop tomorrow!

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