Monday, September 10, 2007

I *knew* it!!!

I'd always said that I thought the oldest would be a politician or a lawyer. That boy can talk. His first opportunity, he's running for election.

I saw it today in his eyes. I was at the school and decided to have lunch with him and his friends. After yesterday, I knew he needed a little extra, so I stayed.

The teacher told the whole group of third graders about the student council elections and was telling them about the procedures. My son looked at me, and there was sparkle.

First thing, after school, my son walks right up to me and says, "Guess who's running for student council?" The first thing that he did when he came home today was make his poster. Surprisingly, he didn't promise to have extra recess or make the cafeteria meals better. This is what his poster says:

"If elected I will help make library and specials better. I will help out in the workroom as much as possible. It is my duty to be respectful to my class, my school and city. If elected I will do this and if possible more."

And then he signed it. Seriously, I wish he'd run for president.

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