Thursday, September 6, 2007

Garanimals, why have you forsaken me?

Boy, I'm all full of woe these days, aren't I? Or just high drama. Whatever.

But here's the deal. I've always shopped for my daughter by piece, not really by outfit. I just find something I like for a good price and purchase it. I almost never purchase a set of things or an entire outfit. Her Granny does, and she always wears those outfits together. As a set.

So, this summer, I started purchasing mix and match sets, that were no-fail, your child will mostly match, most of the time. And that was great, because that child picks the oddest combinations of clothes to wear together. All the time.

When we shopped a few weeks ago for clothes after the great dresser clean up, I bought clothes from a collection that goes together. Pinks and blues. Unfortunately, her mostly matching set from the summer was reds and blues. And the result is disastrous. She doesn't match the blues, or put the old reds with the new blues or the old blues with the new pinks. She puts together an outfit with stripes going four different directions and pink and red (and not in a good way).

But we go with it. We'll call it "eclectic" and "funky" and we have a fashion statement. Because if you're six and you can't wear what you want, what has this world come to? And regardless of what she wears, as long as she wears it with confidence, she has a happy, satisfied mother.


green.barn said...

My goodness, Garanimals were a looong time ago. I'm surprised that you remember!

#2 said...

I'm older than you'd care to admit, I'm afraid.

And they still sell them at WalMart. I'm tempted. Sorely tempted.