Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Five hours of freedom

What I did with my first 5 hours of freedom:

  • Drank a leisurely cup of coffee.
  • Laughed until I cried at my husband. AT him, not with him. But then he made me promise not to blog about it. Seriously, the first thing he told me when I dried my tears was that I wasn't allowed to blog about why I was laughing at him.
  • Napped next to my dog.
  • Couldn't stop writing. I have another post in my head, and I'm embarrassed to post so many times in one day, so I'm going to save it.
  • Worried about my sparkly shirt.
  • Made cookies.

What I did not do in my first 5 hours that I'm disappointed by:

  • Eat bon bons.
  • Save the World in Six Easy Steps.
  • Actually get any productive work done. Like income-generating work. Zero.

Eh, Friday's another day. I'll save the world and fold laundry then. But my baby's at school. He told me this morning he was scared. But then he got over it and started playing with a really cute little girl. He's going to be just fine, I think.

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