Thursday, September 6, 2007

family breakfast

It's officially been a week of family breakfast. I know it's supposed to take 21 days to form a habit, and we did take the weekend off, because there was no way we were all dragging out of bed at 6:30 on a Saturday just to have breakfast when dad got home from work. So we skipped a few days.

But on the whole, each school morning, we've had a breakfast where we've sat down to a Mom-cooked breakfast. We've had an assortment of muffins and eggs and pancakes and toast. We sit with the oranje juice and the milk on the table and eat, each person in a chair at the same time. And we usually have conversations!

There have been a couple of mornings where the oldest one is in a bad mood when he gets up, which is completely normal for him, but what's different is that his attitude changes sometime during breakfast. And he's happy and funny again.

And I've found that I'm not actually getting up that much earlier. About 15 minutes earlier, which, for really cooking, that's not too bad, I think! I used to trudge upstairs and turn on their lights and convince them that they wanted to get dressed and go downstairs, while Dad made lunches and served breakfast after they came down. There was a lot of grumbling involved, and it took a long time.

Now, I wake them up with the racket I make in the kitchen. In fact, most mornings, the first words I hear are from my daughter, "Mom, what are you making this morning?" And sometimes what I'm making actually speeds them up.

I asked the kids this morning what they liked best about having family breakfast. The oldest said the he liked "no more cereal" and the middle one said she liked getting to spend time with Daddy in the mornings. The littlest one couldn't speak - his mouth was full.

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