Thursday, August 23, 2007

Why you should have company over every six months...

I am a firm believer that you should invite acquaintances over to your house about every six months or so. Not people that you know too well, and not people that you could care less about (because that would be miserable).

Let me explain. I'm not one that really cares what her house looks like. What? You're surprised? I invite friends over and then ask them to step over the giant dirty clothes pile in the entrance way. I don't actually care. We walk over the clothes, scrape off a spot at the kitchen table and chat. Come in, I hope you don't care, because I really don't, and let's just be, and can I get you a drink?

But I am also a person who has lots of projects to finish, lots of ideas, and lots of stuff she wants to get done around the house. However, I don't do anything unless I have a deadline. No matter what. This is where the dinner party comes in. It gives me a finish line, a drop dead date.

One time, we were having a group of friends over to our little tiny house. And I *needed* to paint the hallway. A different shade of white. It had to be done. And it was. Thank goodness we had people over, otherwise the hall would have never been painted and pigs would have started to fly. It would have been awful.

Now, we are having friends over this weekend. And my house would have been fine the way it was a week or so ago, but I now I have a deadline to get the things done I'd been putting off for over a year, since, I don't know, the day I moved in. It gave me the push I needed to call the plumber and have a spigot put in the backyard. And have the playstructure put back together. And fix the rigged window treatment put up with tacks.

And what doesn't get done before this weekend will likely not get done again until we have people over again. Unless you're family - don't expect much, you already know what my house looks like.

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