Tuesday, August 28, 2007

What my resume might look like

At the beginning of the school year, talk always turns to "what are you going to do when all your kids are in school?" which is the politically correct way of asking when are you going to start contributing to society again? As much as I want to answer, "eat bonbons and watch soaps, don't be ridiculous!" I usually bite my tongue.

A friend is updating her resume after being out of the workforce for a year, and she was having a hard time remembering what she did at her last job. And I realized that I haven't had a regular job in nearly nine years, and not only could I not remember what I did, I could barely remember the name of the company! And then I wondered what my resume would look like.

Would it just have a giant blank space in the middle?

Would I list the tasks I was responsible for in the last nine years? Because that might be a little frightening.

  • kept clients' bottoms clean after daily, sometimes hourly, constitution
  • responded in a timely manner to usually unreasonable demands of client
  • wrangled unwilling clients in the presence of other competitors and maintained convincing smile
  • used unorthodox methodologies while convincing clients to do things that were in their best interest, even though they didn't know it
  • managed daily quotas of hugs, kisses and milk for all clients
  • kept meticulous records in my head of all illnesses and medications of all clients, while successfully fighting insurance companies and hospitals unreasonable requests for unavailable resources

I wonder what kind of job I would be qualified for. And if I were qualified, would I really want that job?


Doug said...

you know...this is so true. And this is why parents make such great employees.

there's no job more rewarding than being a parent..it gives us a lot of other good skills, too!


Corey~living and loving said...

yup...so true...and you sounds like you would make a great employee. :) You can multitask. :)