Monday, August 6, 2007


Sometimes it's better not to talk with other people about the shows that you love. Unless your goal is to not watch as much TV.

For example, Sarge and I watched CSI: Miami, and there was something that we didn't like about it, but we couldn't put our fingers on it. Until we discussed the matter with my sister. And she expressed something about the show that we agreed with, but hadn't necessarily noticed ourselves. But then we couldn't stop seeing what she saw and only watched about two more episodes. But I won't tell you, in case you like the way the red-headed guy delivers his lines all extra-dramatic-like. Oops. Sorry.

Much further reaching than this, though, was a conversation I had with my mother. She expressed how much she disliked it when a show starts harming the main characters. She felt like that was done when a show was deteriorating (if she knew the term "jump the shark" she would have used it. But she's not eight years ago hip, like me, y'know). And now, it affects me. I mean, if you really think about how really Bad Mark Greene's life was for the time that he worked at County, I would have quit, too. Or whatever it was that he did to exit gracefully. I worry that I won't be able to watch Grey's Anatomy that much more, just because poor old Meredith keeps having terrible things happen. And then, Brenda Leigh keeps having trouble. First this week, and then it looks like next week, just when she recovers from the cattle prod incident, she'll get in a car crash. That's not really an accident (cue suspenseful music).

I guess, though, it's just my family's way of trying to make me more productive. Because I'm supposed to be making curtains, and I really should make it possible to open my front door before I have company tomorrow morning. But I need to get back to Army Wives now.

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