Friday, August 10, 2007

all in a day's work

This morning, my chair looked like this. I bought it for $15. A while ago. Maybe even a year ago. And I knew, just as soon as I'd bought it which fabric I'd use to cover it.

When we moved, I saved my curtains I'd used in our old house. It was a great ticking stripe, beige and black. I bought eleven yards of it for $50. And I used all eleven yards for the windows. And I loved them. But I'd not found a spot for them in this house. Until the chair.

I'll tell you a little something, though. I hate re-using old fabric. Because it smells and it's dusty and it's usually a big pain in the neck to take apart and put back together. This was no different.

This was what I found in the hem. Of curtains I'd used only three years. And even though I'm not the worlds best housekeeper, can you imagine the dust in thirty year old curtains? Or pillows? 'Cause yuck. And we sneezed all day. I wonder why?

I soldiered on, though, determined to work around the spots where the curtains had been used as napkins (one of the reasons I cite when not recommending curtains, eating and small children in combination). And I was determined to finish in one day, because otherwise, it would end up like my last chair, which was half finished for over a year. This was just a slipcover, though, and I now have a new, $15 and one day's work chair. I present to you, my newest pride and joy:


Karen said...

nuh-uh. One day? That's incredible!!!

Anonymous said...

The chair looks great! You do have a wonderful gift for making things be charming and useful.

#2 said...

*blush* thank you, but if you really think about it, it really did take a year. And I'm in mad love with that chair.

The littlest one is not happy that it's replaced his old favorite chair, which is next on the list for re-covery. In a practical cream fabric.