Thursday, August 30, 2007


I had onions with my lunch today. Onions are something that I swore I'd never eat, eww, gross, who would eat that? Well, as promised, by my mother, tastebuds change in your thirties. Mature, whatever.

My four year old's taste buds have not matured yet, obviously. He spotted the heap of onions on my pizza and said with his two fingers up his nose (that's how he plugs his nose, don't ask, I don't know), "Don't even fink about talking close to me wif your onion mouf."

I had great fun threatening him with my onion mouth. I even threatened to breathe on his woop if he didn't hurry up and get in the car. He went from whining that he couldn't get in to scrambling, practically falling to get himself in the car.

I should start eating onions with every meal.

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