Sunday, August 19, 2007

I'm such a sucker!

I'm the one they plan for. I'm the one they hope for. I'm the one for whom that they created "tax-free shopping weekend."

We cleaned out the childrens' drawers this morning. We had a fashion show, and determined that the middle one had no pants, just shorts, the oldest had one pair, and the youngest only two. So, I decided that we would brave the tax-free weekend shopping.

Really, it's not much of a deal. I've never thought the sales were that great, it's just a plan to get people in the buying mindset into the stores. It's an 8.25% discount. Pitiful. But we went. And we purchased.

Mind you, none of the children really needed shirts. They had plenty. But, oddly enough, they all got new shirts! And pants! Except the one with no pants! And new sneakers! And Snickers! And Dr Pepper! And a new handtowel!

Yeah, I didn't save much by going on tax-free weekend. I think that's their plan.

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