Saturday, August 18, 2007

I failed the nerd qualifications.

My oldest son is attempting to learn how to be a Navajo code talker, which involves learning Navajo and Morse Code. I think it will last about a week, but it's a noble goal nonetheless.

But he reminded me that I have learned and forgotten Morse code, as has Sarge. Sarge learned it as a part of his training in the Navy and then never used it, so the nerd factor wasn't so bad. I learned it for a far nerdier goal. I attempted to get my ham radio license when I was a teenager.

I tried to be a card-carrying nerd, but failed -- how sad is that? I took AP Pascal (hello, I'm old *and* outdated!), but only got a 3 on the test. I tried to get my ham radio license, but couldn't pass the test. I was in the color guard, but only made assistant captain, never captain.

Who on earth ever tried so hard at something so pitiful and failed?

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