Tuesday, August 14, 2007

25 marbles

We're halfway there. They all have their critters.

The middle one had two marbles to go this morning, and her brother only had one. I heard rustling early this morning. I woke up to her bright little face.

"Mommy, I did my chores, I got the newspaper, I've cleared off the kitchen table and now I'm working on the treasure chest [the coffee table]. Excuse me please, I need to feed the dog now."

Think she wanted her two marbles this morning?


Anonymous said...

Just curious. I'm in a math delima. One brother has just one marble to go. How many does the second brother need and which brother could this be?

#2 said...

Who? Me? Confusing? Surely not! ;)

The biggest had one more to go. The middle and the youngest had two more to go.

But it all just happened to work out perfectly this morning so that they all got what they needed. Because I'm not as mean as they think I am.

Anonymous said...

I think you are a GREAT mom!