Wednesday, July 11, 2007

The sleeping in the day officially begins...

Tonight we'll start nightshift again. Well, Sarge does. Which means we are back to the olden days of keeping kids quiet, and suddenly kids deciding they *must* play right outside the bedroom door, even though they'd never considered it before.

We are back to earplugs and spiderman sleep masks. I even, the fabulous seamstress that I am, rigged up blackout lining over the little aggravating arched window in our bedroom - with tacks. Yeah, I really put all my skills into that one. But, man, it's dark in there.

So he naps. And I promised that I'd clean up his boots and put his uniform together. But he'll have to shine the boots, because I shine boots like I iron -- badly.

And tomorrow he sleeps. I think I'll take the kids and go on vacation.

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