Sunday, July 22, 2007


I'm starting to think that the dirt on the bottom of my childrens' feet is permanent. When I scrub them in the bath, I remove only a small layer of the dirt, and the rest stays, no matter how much I scrub. I'm thinking that I'll try a Brillo pad tonight.

I've always maintained that if my children are filthy at the end of a summer day, then I've done my job right. That they've really lived the way that children should. But I believe that it's time that I redefine filth.

My cousin's little boy - that kid really lives. I've not seen him without his face covered with life and a huge grin behind it. My sister's daughter's legs changed colors in the bath last night. From the hem of her shorts down to the bottoms of her feet. And she says to me, "oh, I get this dirty every day in my backyard." With a proud smile on her face.

And she should be proud. Because she really could teach us all a thing or two about living life to it's fullest.

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