Tuesday, July 31, 2007

on again, off again

We have one more vacation planned for this summer, but it seems that we won't decide until the very day we're supposed to go whether or not we're actually going and where we're actually going.

We have a family goal of seeing all 50 states by the time the littlest one leaves the house. We're doing pretty well at 13 so far, with the littlest one being only 4-1/2. So far we've only driven to our destinations, except when we visited Great Grandma in Hawaii. We've seen the Grand Canyon and Mount Rushmore and the World's Biggest Ball of Twine. We've camped most of the way, except when we've stayed in cities to visit, like Oklahoma City and Omaha. We've seen some great zoos and mined for diamonds. We've slept in our car when the tent leaked and we've not slept in our tent because we were worried about the snake we saw earlier in the night. We've spent time in laundromats and driven through deserted places. We even shut down the playland at a McDonald's when *one* of the children, who won't be named at this time, peed at the top of the slide. I'm sorry Tuba City, Arizona.

So anyhow, our plan this year was to visit Iowa and Missouri and see the arch and the Union Pacific Museum and the Ice Cream Capitol of the US and Ripley's Museum in Branson. But I'm a little worn out on traveling with my kids these days. And I'm a little tired of listening to them argue and negotiating on what we're going to eat, because the whole family can NOT ever be happy with one place or menu.

And I was in a funk, and not really wanting to plan it. So our plans fluctuated wildly, from doing the whole thing to doing a portion of it and flying to St Louis to just going to Big Bend in Texas. Or to not doing anything but staying home and going to the pool. But then my funk miraculously lifted and I was ready to plan the trip. So I did. And then my better half was not so excited about the trip, because he'd gotten on board with the other five sets of plans we'd half made and was no longer on board with all the camping and driving and staying and ice cream eating. Oh, and taking our car. Because he'd rather rent something. Bigger. More macho. Less crumby - or crummy - take your pick.

So we're up in the air again. But the good news is, a little laundry and bill paying can really lift a girl's funk. Something about not having to listen to whining about not having clean underwear can really do that.

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