Thursday, July 26, 2007

A new game

The younger two children sat next to each other on the airplane today. They made up a new game.

They each had tins that at one time had candy in them (note to self: do not give children candy at the beginning of the flight. Unless they're travelling with their father). But because I'm brilliant, they were each given a little package of Skittles to refill the candy tins.

Their grandma has a little container, that in the morning and evening she gets out and "eats her pills." And she discusses with them what each pill is for and how they are just for her, and that they would make any one else sick.

So, enough with the backstory and onto the game. The middle child closed the window shades, turned out the lights and turned to her younger brother. "Let's play 'eating pills'!!" "This one's for my heart" and she eats one. Her brother follows suit, saying the same thing. He pipes up, "this one is for my brain!" and they eat another. This goes on for five or six Skittles. They take a break. "Okay," says the middle child, "let's pretend it's morning and it's still dark. It's time to eat our pills again!" And they repeat. And the window shades are thrown open, because now that the pills are eaten, the day can begin.

And then they moved on to some other game where they demanded some other thing from me that I must produce in the next thirty seconds or the whining would begin again. It may have been the longest three hours and 46 minutes of my life.

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