Monday, July 9, 2007

Baby Mine

My little girl was notoriously difficult to get to sleep when she was a baby. She didn't want to miss anything, and she'd fight sleep until she was unconsolable. Every day. And night.

I discovered a magic trick, however. There was a CD that I had that was produced by Martha Stewart, of all people that was a baby CD. The first song on it is called "Baby Mine." Each time I'd turn it on in the car, I could bank on the fact that she'd be asleep before the song was over.

I took to singing it to her in the rocking chair every night, as it seemed appropriate. The words were "Baby mine, don't you cry; baby mine, dry your eyes. Rest your head close to my heart, never to part, baby of mine." It became a little like begging for me, however, "Please, please, please, stop crying!!!" And it worked.

Unfortunately, I have ruined any ear for music that child may have had. She has always loved music and singing, but my horrible warble has surely done irreparable damage to any ability she may have had. But she slept. And let's be honest, it was far more important.

We sang every night for a really long time, but somehow, like the rocking chair, she grew out of it. But when she's had a rough day, or she's sad about having to leave her Granny, Baby Mine and mommy's terrible voice always soothe her. And I love that we have that, just she and I.

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