Tuesday, July 24, 2007


Our middle child had a birthday last week. I'm pretty sure that it went down in her life history as one of her lamest. We had cake, forty people sang to her, and she got a present from her aunt, bead necklaces were made by her cousins and phone calls were received. As an adult, that sounds pretty good. I usually call it a good birthday of mine if no one pukes on me. But expectations are different.

But this child holds a grudge. She'll remember eventually that she didn't have a birthday party, and she'll be annoyed that I made her wait a week to open her presents from Mom and Dad (let's be honest here, they're from Dad this year, as he's spent the better part of the two weeks I've been gone at the toy store, trying to figure out what to get her - totally saved me!) and that she didn't get to pick her birthday meal. But whatever.

I thought I'd celebrate her sixth birthday by giving a little glimpse of life with her is like. Even though I''m pretty sure that I can't give an accurate picture. It's like living with D.W Reed, Junie B. Jones and Ramona Quimby, all combined.

She was mad the other day, and brought up the fact that I hushed her on her brother's third birthday, over 18 months ago. She claims she had somethings important to say. But she couldn't still remember what she had to tell me, only that I wouldn't allow her to tell it.

She suggested to her brother that they have "a contest of the not blinking"

She didn't like the way that her brother was not sharing the blocks, so she called him a "hog blocker" and then when he took them from her a "stealer"
There's a stink that surfaces on hot days near our house, which she heard us call sewage and promptly changed it to "poo-age," which was a *much* better name for it.

She told me that she wanted to live with me forever, and that she would give me a pot of her, because we were talking about how it would be impossible to get a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow. I told her that I would rather a pot of her than a pot of gold any day. And that she could live with me forever, and didn't even tell her that she wouldn't want to in about ten years.

There are so many more things that she says and does that encapsulate who she is, and express her personality with her words, but I can't remember them, and it frustrates me. But she's a really cool girl. I've always said that she's going to make a really great woman one day, but that it's a really big responsibility being her mother, making sure that I do my part.

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