Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Hair update

The curls have been cut. He was asked by the woman who cut his hair if he wanted her to put gel in it to make it go up or if he wanted it flat. Frown, "FLAT." As if it were an insult that she asked.

And the girl, well, her bangs are still growing, and the back was cut. She's finally on board with this. I've wanted to grow out her bangs since she was two. Hopefully no one will notice how oddly large her head is -- it's never really appeared that large, but the pediatrician, every time he measured it would ask me if my husband had a giant head. He even went so far as to measure my head to see whether or not I was hiding a giant head under my mounds of stringy, mousy hair.

The oldest one is back with his modified "high & tight," which he loves so much.

I'm so not sure why this update mattered so much to me -- I guess it's because their personalities reflect so much in their hair. Oh, Lord, I hope that I don't end up with any purple and green striped mohawks.

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