Tuesday, July 17, 2007

got my goose

We are staying at a part of the lake called Goose Bay. We'd wondered why it was called Goose Bay, but all the honking made it fairly apparent how it got it's name.

We've had lots of time to observe the geese, and you know the perspective of little people changes the way you look at things.

There were two geese, squawking at two others. My niece, who's five, explained that they were married (because they were squawking at each other? We'll never know.) But then, they wondered what they were doing. Again, my niece had the explanation "They're mating. That's how geese mate, you know." Hey, kids, um, lets go this other way. I think I saw the port-a-potty being emptied. Let's go check that out. Um, yeah.

Oh, and it should be called Goose Poop Bay, because there's more poop than goose.

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