Monday, July 2, 2007

beyond exciting. can't contain myself.

Maybe I shouldn't have said that I think my children should know that I'm fun. Because I'm really starting to wonder.

Today, we went to the dump. As much as I LOVE standing in the bed of a pickup truck and hurling random things off into a large pit and hearing them fall with a satisfying crash, it shouldn't really be on my list of things to do while on a vacation from children.

But even better than the dump, I sent the minivan off to the spa for an oil change, tire rotation, and I know, hold your breath -- an inspection. An overdue inspection, no less.

Please, I know that everyone wishes they could be as exciting as me. I shouldn't even tell you the other things on my list - but because I'm vindictive like that, I will. I'm going to hang curtains. And then get the girl's room ready to paint. Don't punch your computer screen with insane jealousy. I promise to give lessons on excitement to the first twenty callers.

Rounding out the top five should definitely be Cleaning The Garage: Land of but-I-might-need-that and Nation of just-in-case.

Hold me back.


pam said...

I have to admit I have been a voyeur to your blog. Last night as I was bored, I started paging thru blogs and came across yours. You humor and every-day-ed-ness hit home and I really liked your list of things you wanted your kids to know about you. So, now I have bookmarked your site and as long as you don’t mind, I’ll come back for a visit now and then to see how you’re doing. The weird thing is that I felt like I was being naughty for reading your blog without you knowing. Hence, this email and an invite to view mine just so we’re on equal ground –

Keep up the good work and don’t get all crazy and start tossing out the orphaned Tupperware or anything! I mean, you have to save something fun to do for when the kids come home!

Pam in Utah

#2 said...

I *love* you for reading my blog! are you kidding? I'm just so glad that you liked it enough to stop to read it!

I peeked at your blog and I think I wish I could be your neighbor! And not the boring Australian kind!