Wednesday, July 11, 2007

At the risk of sounding like a fuddy-duddy...

:::oh, wow, it's really high up here on this soapbox. I'd better hurry up and get this over with before I fall on my face:::

OK, here goes. Quick.

I'm tired of reading swear words. Okay, I read a bunch on the internet, and I get that's why a lot of people write here, but honestly, I'm really kind of bored with it. It does not make you cooler or more edgy. But, whatever, I can move past. But then, I had the opportunity to read a parenting magazine recently, and was a little surprised to see them there. In black and white. I even rubbed my eyes a little to make sure that I was reading it right.

My mother always said that cursing shows a lack of imagination. And, as much as I thought that was the dumbest, old-woman-est thing I'd ever heard, here I am, admitting that she is right. I'm bored with it, and I'd prefer if people would just move on. Find more words. Find better words. Find more interesting words. There's a whole dictionary full of them - heck, they just added more! Crunk! Ginormous!

So anyhow, it's time I stepped off my soapbox, before I fall off. I really don't like heights. You should have seen me at the Grand Canyon, I kept darting toward the edge to see how far my children would fall if they got too close, wanting to vomit, then running back and begging my husband to hold the children more tightly. It was not a pretty picture.

Oh, and just in case she missed it -- MOM, YOU WERE RIGHT. There, you happy?


Karen said...

I totally agree! I end up at new blogs every day and when I start reading and every sentence has profanity I red X out of there and don't go back. Especially the f-word. I have no tolerance to read that in print or hear it out loud!

#2 said...

fuddy-duddies unite!!