Monday, June 11, 2007

Tact (or lack thereof)

Things my children have said that make me think we need to have a conversation about tact in the VERY near future.

The oldest: Hey! Mom! You have hair under your arms!

The middle (trying to swim under Grandma's legs): I can't swim under your legs because they're so big.

The middle (in her defense, this was about two years ago, but in her loudest voice ever): MOMMY! THAT MAN IS REALLY FAT. HE SHOULDN'T EAT SO MUCH.

The middle (when she was about two, to the lady on the plane that we were going to be sitting next to for the next four hours): Did you know my daddy has a really big...

Oh, nevermind. This is a family blog.

But let's suffice to say that my children really need to learn tact. Soon. Because I'm not sure how many more shades of red that my face can handle.

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