Thursday, June 7, 2007

things I'm trying not to wish I never said...

I almost did it again.

I was having a conversation with another mom, and she was lamenting about how tired of cub scouts she is. In her defense, she has three boys, spaced fairly far apart, so she's only halfway through the second kid, and she's been involved for nine years. And her last child hasn't even begun yet.

She said, "I'm trying to figure out a way to get the youngest to not want to do it. I'm just so tired of it."

I wanted to get mad at her. I wanted to tell her how I wasn't allowed to do Brownies, because I was the third child and my mom was tired of it, even before I had a chance to see whether or not I liked it. I wanted to tell her not to do that to her little boy, who idealizes his brothers and who's been waiting for his turn for patches and pins and ceremonies and camping and selling popcorn, just like his brothers.

But I remembered that I'm only on my first kid in scouts. And only a few years into this elementary school thing. And I've not played the PTA games for very long. And I'm not tired yet. But that I'm not on my third kid. And that I should shut my mouth, because I could very well be in her shoes in not too many years.

And I really don't want to be tired for my last kid. I don't want to be tired for my second kid. I want them to each have their own chance to decide for themselves that practicing soccer stinks, and it's lame. I want to drag the oldest one to their games and meetings, just like I did for his meetings and games.

So, I need to stop forming opinions of this other woman's behavior so that I don't get tired and worn out before things have even begun for the littlest one. Because we all know what happens when I judge other mothers.

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