Friday, June 29, 2007


A complete miracle happened yesterday. I went shopping, under pressure, and actually found TWO dresses that I love AND matching shoes.

You know when you go out shopping for a specific event that's happening, oh, I don't know, THE NEXT DAY that it's a statistical impossibility that you will find anything remotely acceptable. And that's all the time, not just when the current style of clothing reminds you of maternity clothing and how badly you don't want to be asked if you are having a baby when you are most definitely NOT. Because you don't want to get me started on all this ridiculousness that I find in every store.

However, I believe that the new trick will be to bring my lucky charm with me, aka my husband. I tried on two dresses and loved them both. I even had to ask Sarge to go out and find me a smaller size in one of them (if that's not shopping gods smiling on you, I don't know what is). I was trying to decide and the man that I love says "why don't you just get both?"

I'm sorry, is this my life that I'm living? It only got better, however, just when I didn't think it could.

We went to the shoe store and they were having a SALE. So I bought two pairs. That were perfect. This, from a girl who, until very recently, had fewer pairs of shoes than her husband.

Watch out world, here I come with my new haircut, new dress and perfect shoes. Oh, wait. I should probably shave my legs before I go. Looking like chewbacca could ruin the look, I suppose.

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