Thursday, June 21, 2007

Jack Bauer was at Twilight Camp this week

We're on our way home from Cub Scout camp (where I discovered that yesterday's arithmetic was wrong - a smashed thumb for mom AND a "pounding" headache belong on the right side), and I have two extra boys in my car.

They're playing some sort of game, where mine is coming up with different levels that the other ones have to conquer. A little like this:

Mine: You've come to the World of Clocks!
Other: I blew up all the clocks
Mine: You've entered the World of Windows!
Other: I blew up all the windows.
Mine: Now you've come to the FBI
Other: I blew up the FBI
Mine: Now you've come to the World of Ferrets
Other: I blew... er... I fed them prairie dogs and they let me past.
Mine: Now you're in jail for bribery
Other: I blew up the jail
Mine: Now you've reached the World of Puppies!
Other: I blew... er... I took all the puppies home with me.

This went on for at least twenty minutes straight. And all I could think was that it was just like Jack Bauer. I mean, the guy will cut off someone's head, but then help an old lady across the street. At one point, mine said to the other, "you've just earned your 'helping old lady moles' patch." This boy has no qualms about blowing up the entire universe at one point, but can't bring himself to leave the puppies, he had to bring them home.

Now, if I'm suddenly on some new FBI watch list for this, just know these are eight year olds, and they have no access to explosives. Just in case.

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