Sunday, June 10, 2007


My children love board games. Well, we all love board games, card games, etc. But my children love some of those games that I just can't bring myself to play. Fortunately, they'll play together.

My oldest loves Life, Risk and Monopoly. They all like Clue and Sorry. But they never play by the rules for long.

They stop their game partway through, usually the one who's losing makes the suggestion that they play "freestyle." That means it's house rules and the girl fills up her Life car with all girl babies and the eight year old takes out his wife. They could play like this for hours and hours.

Last night was Clue. They started off doing it right, putting the cards in the confidential envelope and trying to guess who's in it. The younger two even worked together to try to guess. But then the oldest came close enough to knowing who it was to look in the envelope and the beloved "freestyle" game began.

They bartered over who got what weapon. The girl wanted the lead pipe. She pronounces is so that it rhymes with "greed," however. They youngest wanted all the weapons. The oldest worked out a system.

The girl HAD to be Ms Scarlett, because she's the most beautiful. In fact, she informed the boys that if they were to date, they would have to date her and no other, because she was the most beautiful. Cue the groans from the boys, especially the oldest.

For some reason, the oldest boy was using a falsetto voice for his character - he must have been one of the girls, I guess, who I'm sure he made sure was the murderer.

They got an equal number of rooms and played the characters for over an hour. I was downstairs about to cry, I was laughing so hard. I couldn't stop them from playing though, even though it was long past their bedtime. The entertainment value was just too high.

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