Monday, June 25, 2007

Another underwear story

I swear I'll stop with the cub scout camp soon, there was just so much fun had. But, one last story. Unless I think of another.

Before I left the house, words came out of my mouth in a phrase that I really had no expectation that would come out before I had children.

"Is everyone wearing underwear??"

Because the youngest has a tendency to not put them back on after using the restroom. Everyone assured me that they were wearing underwear. We get our friends, load up in the car and off to camp we went. Upon arriving and getting out of the car, I realize that the youngest indeed was NOT wearing underwear. Grrr. But there's nothing that can be done about it now, I supposed.

I was lamenting (read:whining) to my co-conspirators about my son's lack of underwear. Of course, because they are men, they found it amusing.

Later that night, after sitting under the pavilion for nearly an hour waiting for the lightning to pass, one boy apparently became bored (not one of mine! heavens!) and poured dirt in my boot. Once the storm passed, and we were on our way to our next station, I took off my boot to pour out the dirt.

One of my co-conspirators noticed that there was a giant hole in the heel of my sock. He says, giggling, "I don't know what's worse - you with a hole in your sock or you kid with no underwear!"

I defended myself. "At least he owns underwear."

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