Friday, June 1, 2007


I have high expectations. Only from my vehicle, not from much else. But I'm wondering if my expectations are too high.

I expect my car to last me 10 years. I expect it to go 200,000 miles. I don't expect it to look all that good, but expect it to be reliable. And I'm wondering if my expectations are just too high.

However, now that I have 140,002 miles on my minivan, nearly everything under the hood is new. My children know who "Mr. Jimmy" is and when I call him, they ask "mommy, what does Mr. Jimmy need to fix THIS time?"

My sweet ride has a new transmission, a new air conditioner, a new alternator, and new fuel intake something-or-another, new tie end rods (?) and two new window motors. I know that I've had far more fixed than that - that's just all that I can remember off the top of my head. It needs two more new window motors, and the automatic locks don't work when it's below freezing, but we've made it through two winters like that, and we're set, for now, since we're back to air conditioning weather. Jimmy thinks all that's left that might need fixing is the power steering.

Every time that we take it in to be fixed, Sarge starts shopping. But everytime we get it back, I think -- I've sunk so much money into this thing that surely it will be fixed for a long time now, right? I'm pretty sure that we've put over $8000 in repairs into it since it ran out of warranty about 60,000 miles ago. It's probably closer to $10,000, but I honestly don't want to know that. I'll bury my head in the sand right about now.

I'd like to keep my minivan about 3 more years, but I'm afraid that it won't last that long. I love that stupid van -- it's comforting to me. I don't really love that you have to sit on a towel on the front passenger seat so as not to get the melted crayon on your, ahem, seat. I don't love that you can't open the passenger window. BUT, I love that I don't worry about it - I don't worry about spills or hail or vomit. And, I love that it's mine, and it still feels new to me, even after seven years.

And, I'm not ready to accept the fact that I might want another minivan. Somehow, owning your SECOND minivan is just so, well, I don't know, but I'm just sure I'm too young and cool for a second minivan. Because I'm sure that driving a jalopy minivan with the one functioning window rolled down and the Veggietales music blaring is about as cool as I am.

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