Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Weather woes

Was it really bad weather or just poor workmanship? We'll never know.

We got caught in a rainstorm this morning. We were supposed to meet friends at the park. The park near all the REALLY tall electric poles that supply electricity to practically the whole city. The sky was dark over us, and nearly black to our west. I was not concerned. I was sure it would all blow over. Because, honestly, it is practically June and this is Texas. It's just never this rainy. Ever.
Anyhow, we got to the park and I instructed the children that if they were to play, they also had to know if I told them it was time to leave that they were to run to the van without asking any question or any hesitation. Our friends called and said that they weren't coming, the weather was looking too ominous. We played a few more minutes, until I heard the distant thunder. It was time to call in the troops - I wasn't taking any chances with the city full of electricity overhead. I called, they came.
As soon as we hopped in the van, the rain started. No big, we were going to get dad a coffee and pick him up and go to the library. We got the coffee. It started to really rain. It started to pour. Thunder. Lightning. Can't see the road ahead of me. Oh, great -- large intersection with no traffic lights. We were only about two miles from home, but it felt like a lifetime.
Sarge called. You'll never believe what happened - the playstructure collapsed, he says. On the fence, I ask? No. On the house? No. Okay, I gotta go.
I told the kids that I couldn't talk to them, that I needed them to be quiet so I could concentrate. The baby started to talk - I have no idea what he said. The middle one shushed him, but then they started to argue.
Cloud to ground lightning not 100 feet from the van. Am driving depending on the tail lights of the guy in front of me. Water all over the road. I just wanted to be home so badly, but wanted to stop so badly - but there was no place to stop, safely. Hail falling on the van.
The light near home was working, thankfully. The road to my house was nearly covered in water. This is how flash floods happen, apparently -- the gutters just couldn't take all the water that was coming down. Garbage cans in the road.
Never been so glad to see my house, honestly, ever. The five feet to get from the car to the garage was just far enough for us all to be soaked. Our coffees made it safely home. Phwew!

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