Saturday, May 5, 2007

unexpected sacrifices I forgot (because I sacrificed my mind, obviously)

Shopping for breakable items. Because, for the love of Pete, please don't take your little ones down that aisle! My littlest one has a habit, of when I'm shopping too slowly, or for uninteresting items, of reaching his little arms out as far as humanly possible. Which often means he's touching everything on the shelves. Which is very dangerous while walking down the breakable goods aisle.

And, further, since you can't shop for breakable items, this kind of works out, because you end up having to give up caring about anything that you already own that's breakable. Because they get broken. And then you have to decide to be mad or not. But I always, always, in the grand scheme of things, care more for my kid than my breakable. At Christmas this year, my oldest son dropped a ball on a Christmas plate. I loved that Christmas plate, but I couldn't stay mad, because my son's face looked more broken than the plate.

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