Tuesday, May 29, 2007

To be opened June 1, 2032

Dear Children,

I wrote this letter to you 25 years ago, when you were small and full of hope and dreams. We lived happily and simply in a house full of lots of love and laughter and a whole lot of chaos.

You all alternated between loving me desperately and loathing me just as much. Often were heard the words "I love you" for no reason at all. I always knew, however, that I wasn't being a good enough mom if I heard "I love you" too often, without a spurt of anger thrown in there, because a good mother always makes her children mad. Always.

I have so many hopes for you. I hope that between the writing of this letter and the opening of it, you have said, "when I am a parent, I would never do [insert ordinary motherly crime here] to my children." However, I hope that you've also said, "darnit, now I know why my mother did [ordinary motherly crime]" Because, Lord knows, I've done it a million times, in just the eight years I've been a mom.

I hope that we've seen all 50 states. You know that's a goal of ours, as a family. I hope that you've learned a little about this amazing country that we are blessed to live in. I know that we had so much fun camping and learning and planning our trips. I hope that your memories of each state are vivid and wonderful.

I hope that you are happy. I hope that you are fulfilled. I hope that you have achieved something that you always hoped for. I hope that you are loved by someone who loves you more than I do. Which will be extraordinary, because I loved you more than you know.



This post is a part of a group writing project over at mamablogga. Go check it out -- there's some fun stuff over there!


Shawn said...

Great idea for a letter! I love it. Nice family goal, too.

Jordan said...

I love the statement that a good mama should always make her children mad (at least periodically).

I hope your family finds happiness and fulfillment, too.

Thanks for sharing this with us and participating in the GWP!

Corey~living and loving said...

Good read....never thought about making my daughter mad...and how that showed I was doing my job. LOL good perspective. :)

Daisy said...

This letter is wonderful. All 50 states? I sincerely hope you make this goal. My father, a traveler by motorcycle, met his goal of biking in all fifty states. He died almost exactly two years later. He claimed it wasn't a "life goal", that it just kind of happened, but we all celebrated when he came back from riding in Hawaii.

#2 said...

Oh, Daisy, I love that story about your dad! What a wonderful memory.