Friday, May 18, 2007

things I wish I'd never said

Back when I had fewer children, and the ones I had were younger, I made the mistake of speaking in absolutes. But now, I've learned that as soon as you speak in absolutes, that it seals your fate. God is listening, and wants to be sure that you regret judging another mother for her actions.

For example, when my oldest son was in preschool, he was the only child in the class without older siblings. He was quite innocent in his knowledge of worldly (by that I mean elementary school) things. Like Batman. Spiderman. Spongebob. Anything non-PBS, really. My mistake came in the form of this thought, "oh, my, I can NOT believe that these parents let their little three years olds watch this kind of garbage. They should not be exposed to such things!" Or something judge-y and ridiculous like that.

Fast forward four years. I find out that six year olds will flat out refuse to watch Barney and will wear you down so badly that you find that Spongebob is actually really funny. And that the younger siblings are drawn in like moths to a light. And that I'm tired, and I don't care if my three year old wants to be Batman for Halloween.

But then, my three year old is in a preschool class with a bunch of kids who don't have older siblings and he teaches them all kinds of things I wish he didn't know, and their parents are horrified by me!

But, I'm not sure they've learned the rules yet. And you better believe that I'm keeping my mouth shut about obnoxious teenagers. And preteens who wear inappropriate clothing. Because I don't want to seal THAT deal.

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