Thursday, May 10, 2007

that time of the year

It's the time of year when gifts need to be purchased. With the end of school, mother's day and father's day, it's the time of year when I am forced to take my children out shopping. The worst kind of shopping, it's browsing with the intention of buying something. Anything.

However, I am so stinking proud of my kids right now. For teacher appreciation week, I do a gift from me, usually in the form of a gift card, but then the kids also get to pick something out. Because, let's be honest, a gift card to Starbuck's doesn't take a whole lot of thought or creativity.

The oldest, for his gifted teacher, picked a book of logic puzzles, because she loves them. So we went to a store where he had to explain what he wanted and then choose from the options given. Then, for his second grade teacher, he wanted chocolate, lots of it. And the Kindergartener wanted to get some chocolate and an apple, so she'd have something yummy and something healthy. So we chose both.

Then, the best part, the cards. They were each told to make a card for their teacher. Markers, crayons and a blank piece of paper and they came up with the most personality-filled cards you've ever seen. They are the kind of cards that scream out their little personalities, and will bring back (hopefully fond) memories for each teacher of who they are.

I am terrible at buying gifts for gift's sake. I don't like it. I can wander the mall or stores for hours, only to come home frustrated and empty-handed. I have spent three weeks shopping for a gift for someone special, and have been near tears several times, just because I can only find things that are good enough, not just right. It's now two weeks past her birthday, and I'm quite certain she thinks that we don't love her or have forgotten about her. Quite the contrary, even though the "hey, we've done NOTHING for your birthday" doesn't really get that sentiment across.

I do much better when I come across something for someone with no holiday in mind. I LOVE "just thinking of you" gifts or cards or even moments. They are so much more special than buying a gift because the calendar tells you to. I have high hopes for my children though. They seem to do much better than I do when the calendar tells them to pick something special for someone they love.

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