Wednesday, May 23, 2007


I can now stop traffic. It's not my fabulous good looks or my fancy car (though people usually do try to stay out of it's way - they're rightfully afraid that something may fall off at any given time). It's even better. Believe me.

There's a new traffic light in my area that I get to use. It's one of those that's usually green for one direction of traffic, until someone shows up at the lesser used side street. I'm the gal showing up at the lesser used side street. So, as soon as I show up, wave my magic princess wand and say "I want to turn left" the lights for the other guys, traveling right along, turn red. And they all must stop, just so I can go do the Very Important Things that I do.

It's my first step toward world domination. I'm plotting the next step now. Oh, wait. I think I heard someone calling me to wipe their bottom. World domination will have to wait.

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