Sunday, May 6, 2007

letters in the mail

A few days ago, the oldest was desperate to go to the community pool. Never mind that it was seventy degrees outside, and the pool was probably fifty. He REALLY wanted to go. I kept saying no, and explaining that whining and begging has never caused me to reconsider a "no" answer. To no avail.

Finally, I thought he'd given up, when he was quiet for a while, then asked to go get the mail. Of course he may go get the mail. He promptly returned with the stack, and as I thumbed through, it, I discovered a folded sheet of paper tucked into my stack. It read:

Dear Mrs. X,

You, by law must take your kid to the pool.


the CGA

Aparently, the CGA is the Governing Agency over my oldest child, and therefore his mother. I expect to be fined in the next week or so for disobeying the orders of the CGA.

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