Thursday, May 24, 2007

It's the last day of school. Let's have hot chocolate!

Seriously. As soon as the final bell rang for school, the skies opened up and rain POURED down, like it only can in the south. Like not enough space in between the drops (can you even call them drops when they're that big?) to breathe.

And, because I'm brilliant, we had walked to school to pick them up and so we needed to walk home. Cue the thunder. And lightning. Yeah, we waited. And waited.

The rain got to a lesser level of gallons per second per square inch, so we ran-ish home. Hello, stinky dog, meet the family of drowned rats that now lives here. The oldest gets in the garage and says, "that was fun!" I turn to look at him with my perfected look of death for whining the whole way home and just in time he said, "NOT!"

I'm thinking that my grandchildren will hear about this one. "Don't you complain, your grandma made us walk five miles home in the thunder and lightning and pouring rain on the last day of school EVERY YEAR. She was so mean to us - you kids have it made!"

So they had hot chocolate after we all changed our clothes. Because it's only fitting that this was the year that we ate a watermelon out of our garden on a snow day. It's a full circle kind of thing.

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