Sunday, May 6, 2007


I have some. Seriously. Shocking, right?

Mostly, they are issues relating to the fact that I am probably the least organized person to ever walk the face of the earth. I'm pretty sure I'd still be in my twenties if I could have all the time back that I've spent looking for my keys.

So, today, because the best man in the whole world did ALL the laundry in the house yesterday, I was freed up to clean other things. So I started with my desk, also known as The Dumping Ground. I scraped everything off into a laundry basket and promised myself I'd put everything where it belongs without doing anything else. Which meant that I had to actually take the insurance card and put it in the minivan, not wander around the house with it until I misplaced it AGAIN. And, I wasn't supposed to sit down and write that last post. And I filed things. And I now have an "action items" box.

So, my desk is clear, and has little dust on it. The issue is that instead of just being satisfied with a visible desk, I got so excited that I scraped an entire section of kitchen counter into that laundry basket. And I dusted it and wiped it and shined it. But now I'm tired of putting things where they belong. And I have a laundry basket full of papers and rubber bands and pennies that I don't feel like cleaning out. I'd really rather cream my eight year old in Othello. Or play Go Fish.

Except that I'll need that laundry basket soon, because even though all the clothes were clean yesterday, it won't be long before the mounds need to be tamed again.

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