Saturday, May 26, 2007


Just a few random things that don't deserve a post on their own:

An apology. I'm so sorry to the people who are googling "how to take apart a dryer" and are coming up with this address. I'm completely useless, unless you have a Kenmore. Then, I can maybe tell you how I did it, but I'm sure I'll forget a few steps. But anyhow, good luck to you all, and I hope your dryer works as well as mine does now. It's not hard, I promise!

Second, my kid was in the second grade spelling bee, and it rocked. He placed fifth, but it was so fun. The girl who won totally could have spelled Sarge under the table, and he's a really good speller. She had so much poise and confidence, that you could tell from the beginning that she was going to win. Our kid misspelled "centimeter."

Third, I just got a balloon out of a light fixture that's been there for almost a year. I know, I shouldn't even be proud of myself for that, but it involved lots of untangling and a really tall ladder. And I hate heights. I really, really hate them. Unfortunately, my husband hates them more, so it's on me. But it was totally worth it to not have the purple princess balloon hanging from the entryway fixture!

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