Thursday, May 31, 2007

girls night out

I went out tonight. With other people. None of whom were under the age of 25. Unheard of.

We all had children in the same kindergarten class. Boys, girls, oldest, youngest, only -- our kids ran the gamut. But we had all become friends and were corraled by one of the moms and all went out together. It was a treat for all of us - we relished the fact that there were no little people that had to wait 45 minutes for a table, that there were no manners to be reminded of and no decisions to be made regarding what someone else wanted to eat. There was no one crawling under the table or laying down in the booth. There was no one licking the floor and no one cried. It was delicious.

We laughed, told stories, shared experiences. We worried about first grade teachers. We told on each others kids and told endearing stories about each others kids. We acted like grown-ups, for the most part, and giggled like schoolgirls only a little.

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