Saturday, May 26, 2007

For the birds

Last summer, we made birdhouses from old license plates and some scraps of wood. We researched how big the hole should be for the birds in the area and where it should be placed and where the perch should be, and all the important details. The kids painted them in their own style and we hung them, hopefully, in our backyard.

So here we are, midst of spring, and we have habitants for the girl's birdhouse (she has all sorts of theories as to why hers was chosen - mostly she thinks that birds like pink).

So now, we throw our dryer lint out to the birds, so their nest will be soft. We will put out the bird feeder, so that the birds won't go hungry. The kids all love having the birds living in our backyards.

But, seriously, those birds are REALLY loud. And my birdhouses have a serious design flaw -- there's no trapdoor to clean them when the birds have moved out. Fortunately, my dog's too old and lazy to chase birds anymore, because that would have been BAD.

But, I'm going to focus on the good, because, honestly, it's pretty cool having the birds live in our birdhouses. Maybe they'll even convince their friends to move in next door!

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