Thursday, May 10, 2007

dad: 0, tupperware cupboard:1

Dad makes lunches in this house. The kids know when I've done it, because there is always something missing. Like a drink. Or a sandwich. Or something silly like that.

When I make lunches, I fill them with reusable containers, you know, to save the world and all (oh, come on, you know it's because I'm so cheap). But Sarge will NOT go near the tupperware cupboard. He doesn't even like to put anything away in there, because he knows that when you open the cupboard, you have to open the door, throw the item in there really quick and then slam the door shut, in order to not have an avalanche in the kitchen. It's really hard to be that quick, so you know if you open that cupboard that you'll have to spend an hour cleaning that stuff up. He would really like to throw everything out in that section of the kitchen.

But today, the disaster of all disasters happened. We ran out of sandwich baggies. So, I first suggested using plastic wrap. There was wailing and gnashing of teeth and lots of banging and muttering and growling. It was so bad that he decided that the lesser of two evils was the dreaded cupboard. Yeah. Because everything fell out. There was more muttering, growling and banging. I decided that the best thing for our marriage was to just stay away. And to buy sandwich baggies tomorrow.

The good news is the lunches were made. And nothing was forgotten.

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