Wednesday, May 9, 2007


The barbies in my house have a problem. They are always naked. It's not for lack of clothing, I promise you that I personally have made sure that there are plenty of clothing choices for the Barbies. They can all be dressed up for a swanky party at one time, or they can be dressed to hang around the Barbie house or drive in the Barbie car or go shoe shopping (if mommy would only take the time to set it up). BUT, they can't keep their clothes on.

It's not to impress Ken, because there's only one of those in our house, and technically he's the one married to the creepy pregnant Midge (whose belly just pops off and -- voila! -- she's wearing regular clothes again! No interim clothes for Midge!). I understand, that sometimes, when they want to swim in their Barbie pool, there aren't enough swim suits to go around, so some have to skinny dip, but honestly, you can't fit more than five or six Barbies in there without it getting more than just a little weird.

I used to chalk it up to the fact that the little fingers couldn't manipulate the teeny tiny clothes, but that's not an issue anymore. I'm just so surprised that a girl who has it all is never dressed to impress. I mean, really, she even has a dog that eats treats, poops them out and then can retreive the poop with her fancy pooper-scooper and return it to the treat bin. I mean, she could even manage to make dog poo clean up look glamorous, if only she would put her stinkin' clothes on!

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