Saturday, May 12, 2007

Ant Watch: 2007

The ants were mad. Really mad. We'd taken their home by force. We built a large structure on their land, and they were not happy about us not allowing them to at least share the space.

They came by the thousands. From corners, from nooks and crannies, from gaps in the caulking. I filled the weep holes, I used diatomaceous earth in the weep holes, around the exterior of the house, I put down diatomaceous earth inside the house and sprayed orange oil.

The ants laughed.

I squished, we vacuumed. The children were only allowed to eat at specified times of the day and I followed them with a broom. My son dropped his snot covered shirt (that an entire post on it's own...) on the bathroom floor before a shower, and there were thousands of ants eating holes in it within the hour. We had them coming out of the carpet. I vacuumed, I did laundry constantly, I cleaned constantly (which was more stressful to me than the ants - I hate cleaning.).

The ants laughed and invited their friends.

My sweet, patient husband, kept up the the fruitless organic ant control. He begged me to reconsider. But the baby's asthma, I insisted. And the beneficial bugs! We can't kill the bugs we need! He kept suggesting, I kept insisting. But then, I dreamt about ants. I dreamt that they were coming out of the carpet. I felt like every time I laid down to sleep, they were covering me, crawling on me. In the middle of the night, I would throw back the covers, turn on all the lights and scour the bed and the carpet in the bedroom. I was exhausted, and the ants were winning.

They found the pantry, they made their way up the stairs. We postponed a family vacation, because I had visions of the house being two inches deep with ants when we returned. I was ready to cancel the vacation, when my husband finally found a crack in my hard skull and convinced me that we NEEDED Amdro. He needed it, he needed my sanity back, and he didn't want to see another living ant, ever. So, he bought some, and used it. All. Then, he bought more. And some ant bait for the interior of the house.

So we went on vacation. And prayed the ants would be gone.

God bless chemicals. And poison.


In the last few days, we've seen some ants. And I thought that if we could nip it in the bud, the orange oil might work. But it's far too wet for Diatomaceous Earth. And we have some leftover Amdro.

This year, it won't take nearly as long for me to jump off the organic bandwagon. But just for ants.


Lady_Nightwater said...

I have had a ton of ants myself and here is what I have been doing with moderate success. I get a bowl with a lid and punch holes in the lid. I mix molasses and boric acid in the bowl and put the lid on it. I set them around various places I have seen ants and the ants appear to be lessening. Naturally you would want to put it somewhere the children couldn't find them.

#2 said...

I bet that would work better than those little ant traps that I've used in the past. Those things are part of what saved us when we went on vacation last year.

Fortunately, I think we've headed them off this year (oh, I really shouldn't say that!) with preventive measures.

Thanks for that tip!