Monday, April 16, 2007

Knock knock!

Friends knocked on our door today. We invited them in to come play. I did the obligitory "oh, come in, I'm so sorry the place is such a wreck!" And she did the obligitory, "oh, my goodness, don't worry a bit, you should see my place!" But then she thought, "wow, what a sty. I should check for roaches before I let my kid play here." I'm sure of it.

But, as soon as she left, I started tidying my house like mad. Like picking up socks and shoes, and other things that had been laying in the hallway for a week, but I hadn't bothered to move. Why do I not do those things before someone knocks on my door? We live in the kind of neighborhood where you might have unexpected guests, and the kind of neighborhood where everyone has a housekeeper and a nanny and keeps their house immaculate, but then apologizes for the mess. But no one except me has the giant mess, and I should know that someone could come to my door and be invited in and expect to have a place to sit, without having to brush the crumbs off first.

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